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suede micro fiber

  • Suede Microfiber Synthetic Leather Fabric Material

    Suede Microfiber Synthetic Leather Fabric MaterialWINIW suede microfiber synthetic leather fabric material is WINIW microfiber suede leather, made of nylon and PU (polyurethane), environmental friendly, looks and feels the same as suede leather, high physical and chemical performance, superior durable, is the highest quality faux suede leather...Read More

  • Micro Fiber Suede Materials

    Micro Fiber Suede MaterialsFeatures of Micro Fiber Suede Materials:
    1, Multifunctional, economical and practical, if you like.
    2, Soft ? how soft do you want ? breathable ? fold-resistant ? of course !
    3, Eco-friendly with you.
    4, Friendship often starts with an encounter. --- Suede
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  • Micro Fiber Suede Leather

    Micro Fiber Suede LeatherFeatures of Micro Fiber Suede Leather:
    1, RoHS abrasion-resistant, anti-mildew, as well as waterproof.
    2, Touch feelings ? Good !
    3, Elastic , less than spring. 4, I am always here waiting for you. --- Suede
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