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shoe leather

  • polyurethane leather

    polyurethane leatherFeatures of polyurethane leather:
    1, New technique used.
    2, Smooth suface time longer for its wrinkles- resistant.
    3, Thulal--cafhhalffweu.
    4, Your own way, go for yourself - Winiw, your personality shoes. --- shoes
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  • imitation leather fabric

    imitation leather fabricFeatures of imitation leather fabric:
    1, Microfiber leather of shoe materials.
    2, Colorful colors while nice quality.
    3, Pro-environment.
    4, Enjoy, starting from the toes. --- shoes
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  • polyurethane fabric

    polyurethane fabricProduction Details of polyurethane fabric:
    Material: nylon+ PU
    Thickness: 0.6-2.0mm
    Place of Origin:China Mainland
    Pattern:1. Embossed 2. Finished 3. Flocked 4. Foiled 5. Crinkle
    Color: White, Black, Gray, Brown, Purple, all colors available. Customized welcome
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  • Pu Leather For Safety Shoes

    Pu Leather For Safety ShoesFeatures of Pu Leather For Safety Shoes:
    1, Pu leather for safety shoes.
    2, Complete range style.
    3, Green environmental, good to our life.
    4, Winiw microfiber leather, it is life and fashion. --- shoes
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  • Microfiber For Shoes

    Microfiber For ShoesFeatures of Microfiber For Shoes:
    1, Highly anti-scraping, durable, suit for shoes.
    2, Uncommon abrasion-resistance property.
    3, hygroscopic water coefficient.
    4, Eco-friendly.
    5, WINIW microfiber shoes, help you achieve a distant dream! --- shoes
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  • fake leather material

    fake leather materialFeatures of fake leather material:
    1, Do not fade, anti-abrasion .
    2, Full passion color style, very nice suface, right ?
    3, Environmental protection.
    4, Quality assurance, leather art. --- shoes
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  • imitation leather

    imitation leatherFeatures of imitation leather:
    1, pu shoes leather, large sample.
    2, Lighter but solid.
    3, Environment-protected.
    4, Thousands of miles, traveled all over the world. --- shoes
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  • Leather Alternatives For Shoes

    Leather Alternatives For ShoesLeather Alternatives For Shoes Features:
    1, Stable quality while use.
    2, Toch feeling pliable, suface texture chearly.
    3, Eco-friendly.
    4, We insist on taking a road just to make your roads clear. --- shoes
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  • Leather Substitute For Shoes

    Leather Substitute For ShoesFeatures of Leather Substitute For Shoes:
    1, it is waterproof micrfober leather material.
    2, thick, also means anti-abrasion.
    3, ecological environment.
    4, Fashion pace, million road access. --- shoes
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  • polyurethane leather fabric

    polyurethane leather fabricFeatures of polyurethane leather fabric:
    1, High color fastness, unique decorate color.
    2, microfiber materials for shoes, benefit is lot.
    3, Environmental friendly.
    4, Wear Winiw microfiber shoes and take the road to success. --- shoes
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