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pu leather for shoes

  • Microfiber Leather of Shoe Materials

    Microfiber Leather of Shoe MaterialsMicrofiber Leather of Shoe Materials Features:
    1, Microfiber leather of shoe materials.
    2, Colorful colors while nice quality.
    3, Pro-environment.
    4, Enjoy, starting from the toes. --- shoes
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  • Microfiber Materials For Shoes

    Microfiber Materials For ShoesFeatures of Microfiber Materials For Shoes:
    1, High color fastness, unique decorate color.
    2, microfiber materials for shoes, benefit is lot.
    3, Environmental friendly.animals-friendly.
    4, Wear Winiw microfiber shoes and take the road to success. --- shoes
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  • PU Shoes Leather

    PU Shoes LeatherFeatures of PU Shoes Leather:
    1, pu shoes leather, large sample.
    2, Lighter but solid.
    3, Environment-protected.
    4, Thousands of miles, traveled all over the world. --- shoes
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  • Micro Fiber For Shoes

    Micro Fiber For ShoesMicro Fiber For Shoes Features:
    1, Do not fade, anti-abrasion .
    2, Full passion color style, very nice suface, right ?
    3, Environmental protection and animals-friendly.
    4, Quality assurance, leather art. --- shoes
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  • Pu Leather For Safety Shoes

    Pu Leather For Safety ShoesFeatures of Pu Leather For Safety Shoes:
    1, Pu leather for safety shoes.
    2, Complete range style.
    3, Green environmental, good to our life.
    4, Winiw microfiber leather, it is life and fashion. --- shoes
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  • Microfiber For Shoes

    Microfiber For ShoesFeatures of Microfiber For Shoes:
    1, Highly anti-scraping, durable, suit for shoes.
    2, Uncommon abrasion-resistance property.
    3, hygroscopic water coefficient.
    4, Eco-friendly.
    5, WINIW microfiber shoes, help you achieve a distant dream! --- shoes
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  • Leather Substitute For Shoes

    Leather Substitute For ShoesAdvantages of Leather Substitute For Shoes:
    1. we are specialized in high-end microfiber leather production manufacture.
    2, We have experience of manufacturing leathers more than 10 years.
    3. We can ensure the products meet the quality and the goods will be delivered on time.
    4, We have dedicated sales waiting for your questions at any time, email us or call us directly.
    5, We make all kinds of microfiber leathers in our cooperation factories, so competitive price is available.
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  • PU Shoes Material

    PU Shoes MaterialProduction Details of PU Shoes Material:
    Material: nylon+ PU
    Thickness: 0.6-2.0mm
    Place of Origin:China Mainland
    Pattern:1. Embossed 2. Finished 3. Flocked 4. Foiled 5. Crinkle
    Color: White, Black, Gray, Brown, Purple, all colors available. Customized welcome
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  • Leather For Shoe Making

    Leather For Shoe MakingLeather For Shoe Making Details:
    Material: nylon+ PU
    Thickness: 0.6-2.0mm
    Width: 137cm, 54"/55"
    Origin: Fujian, China
    Color: White, Black, Gray, Brown, Purple, all colors available. Customized welcome
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  • Leather Alternatives For Shoes

    Leather Alternatives For ShoesLeather Alternatives For Shoes Features:
    1, Stable quality while use.
    2, Toch feeling pliable, suface texture chearly.
    3, Eco-friendly.
    4, We insist on taking a road just to make your roads clear. --- shoes
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