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Xinji 98 Leather Finishing Companies Were Banned
Jan 11, 2019

Xinji 98 leather finishing companies were banned

Recently, the Xinji City Environmental Protection Bureau united the public security, electric power and township governments to form a joint law enforcement team. The Thunder attacked and after the carpet inspection, 98 illegal leather finishing companies were completely banned.

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As a landmark industry in Xinji City, the leather industry has a large economic contribution and a wide range of employment impacts. It has contributed half of the industrial added value of Xinji above the scale. However, behind the sunshine industry, some people are lucky, in the tanning area. Illegal engaged in the finishing of the leather after the processing industry, illegal sewage. It is understood that these banned enterprises have neither environmental approval procedures nor pollution prevention measures. The soot generated by small boilers without dust removal facilities and the volatile organic pollutants generated by the spray machine during the production process are freely discharged. The blue skin and waste skins produced in the link have not been regulated in a standardized manner, and they are “15 small” enterprises that are prohibited by the state. The joint law enforcement team resolutely banned the measures of “two breaks and three clears” for water cuts, power cuts, and clearing of raw materials, cleaning equipment, and cleaning products.

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Up to now, this special rectification campaign has destroyed 98 leather finishing companies in the tanning industrial zone, Xinji town and Tianjiazhuang township, and has exercised the rapid response capability of the law enforcement team, effectively curbing these “15 small” enterprises. The momentum of polluting the environment has effectively eliminated the hidden dangers and potential safety hazards. In the future, while strengthening the post-inspection, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will continue to intensify the rectification and investigation of the “15-small” enterprises, so as to find one and ban one.

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