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Leather Tips
Jan 11, 2019

Leather tips

Classification of leather:
First, according to the growth climate of animals
· The fur of the cold zone is dense, the fiber is rough, and the cortex is poor.
· Temperate animal skin is sparse, with fine fibers and good leather

Second, according to the age of the animal
· The calf's leather is about 1~3mm thick
· Adult cow's leather is about 5~7mm thick
· Cats born from March to June, the finest fiber, the best quality, the most used

Third, according to animal species
· Cowhide ------The fiber is fine and the most widely used.
· Sheepskin ---- -Skin is light and light, suitable for handbags, clothes
· Goatskin----suitable for furniture surface
· Horse leather ------ coarse fiber, suitable for cheap shoes and large suitcases, bags

Fourth, the method of processing leather (鞣)
· Tannins (tea 鞣) - small stretch, easy to soften water, plasticity is easy to shape, its color is light brown, the leather carving process uses this material
· Chrome 鞣 --------------- Water absorption, flexibility, and flexibility
· White 鞣 --------------- Similar to samovar, suitable for batik, and the production of leather flowers

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Reqeust for sample:

First, the nature of leather
· After the process of soft processing (called 鞣), the raw hide is called “leather” and can be preserved for a long time.
· The color of the engraved leather is light brown, and the sun will slowly deepen, so avoid direct or indirect sunlight when storing.
· It has plasticity when the leather is warm, and it is elastic when dry. The leather is warm before carving.

Second, the advantages of leather
· Durable, three-dimensional processing, easy to dye, good ventilation, no static

Third, the shortcomings of leather
· It will stretch when wet, shrink when dry, prone to mildew, need maintenance

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How to choose leather:
◎The purchase of leather is based on the number of "cause", each is 10 inches <625px> square, and the leather is multiplied by the price per unit.
◎There are thick and thin leathers. When purchasing, they are selected according to their use. The thinnest is 0.6mm, the next is 1.0mm, the general engraving skin is usually 1.6mm, and the chair is usually used as a chair or a large item to 2.5-3mm.
◎The size of the leather is purchased according to the size of the item that the individual needs to make or the whole piece of leather is purchased.

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Leather preservation:
◎The leather is prone to mold when it is wet, so it is stored for a long time, and the first daily and storage place is dry.
◎ dusty leather can be gently rubbed with a soft cloth or brush
◎The dirty part of the leather can be wiped off with a damp cloth, then wiped with a cloth dampened with detergent, and finally treated with leather or leather oil.
◎The tea 鞣 leather for engraving, the part that is not used for the cutting needs to be wrapped with dark paper, and it is not easy to change color when it is placed in a dry place.