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Global Demand For Leather May Have Fallen By 30%
Dec 03, 2018

The latest exclusive leather market consulting report said that at the end of 2018, let us have a closer look at the industry's expectations for the leather industry.The report cites a recent assessment of the Asian leather market by a European company, which concluded that demand for leather and raw leather remains weak, and that raw leather is not available globally.

The report went on to explain that leather consumption, particularly in the shoe industry, has continued to decline, and beef production has risen, so the raw material leather market is oversupplied.It is estimated that the total consumption of leather has decreased by 10-30%.That doesn't include the part of China's efforts to reduce excess capacity.As a result, the real decline should be 20-40 per cent compared with two years ago.The decline in regional distribution is uneven, for different reasons.The drop in demand for leather shoes is the result of changes in fashion and new materials, and the decline in production of leather for car interiors is due to capacity adjustments in China, particularly in hebei province.

The report also notes that tanning companies are postponing their regular procurement plans and that they expect raw leather prices to fall further.That means many companies have low inventories, which are just enough to sustain their current production.In addition, the report believes that the market demand for leather in the next quarter is very unlikely to rise, the next two quarters did not show signs of turnaround.

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