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Foge 2019 6th Environmental Synthetic Leather Summit Forum Held In Shanghai In March
Jan 26, 2019

Foge 2019 6th Environmental Synthetic Leather Summit Forum held in Shanghai in March

Conference positioning and highlights:
1, China's top environmental industry forum in the field of environmentally-friendly synthetic leather, once a year, to grasp the excellent opportunity for the future development of synthetic leather, not to be missed!
2, Comprehensive understanding of water-based synthetic leather, solvent-free synthetic leather, silicone leather, TPU leather, polyolefin leather and other environmentally friendly synthetic leather technology solutions.
3. Demonstrate the current status and future development of China's environmentally friendly synthetic leather industry.
4, China's synthetic leather industry development policy trend, EU Reach regulations.

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Meeting background:
In the past 2018, the survival space of traditional solvent-based synthetic leather (mainly PU leather) enterprises has been increasingly compressed. Due to the large-scale application of the water-based surface agent and the low price, the traditional PVC leather makes the PVC leather enterprise survive slightly better than the PU leather. Next year, the sewage discharge fee, the unit energy consumption standard for synthetic leather, and the synthetic leather industry will be recognized. These policies may be more stressful for the survival of the industry! Coupled with the impact of the Sino-US trade war, the export situation is also very serious.

Under this harsh background, environmentally friendly products such as water-based leather, solvent-free leather and silicone leather have attracted more and more attention. From a global perspective, many well-known international brands have begun to purchase water-based, solvent-free, etc. The production and sales of environmentally-friendly synthetic leather products have exceeded 10 million meters. According to the "Artificial Leather Synthetic Leather Information" magazine, in the next two years, the production of environmentally-friendly synthetic leather will be more likely to double or even increase!

In terms of technology, we have observed that domestic companies have made substantial progress in technologies such as water-based, solvent-free, and TPU. At the same time, more and more world-class companies also hope to enter through water-based technology, solvent-free technology, and TPU elastomers. Come to China's synthetic leather industry. This will also boost domestic and foreign companies to further increase their technical investment and boost the development of the synthetic leather industry.

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WINIW International Co., Ltd has experienced the PVC stage, PU stage, and now the ultra-fiber leather, can be said to be the witness and practitioner of the artificial leather industry. We are always improving the process, improving the quality, energy saving and environmental protection, keeping up with the fashion elements and providing you with the best synthetic leather products.