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China's Artificial Leather Synthetic Leather Industry Status And Future Development
Jan 26, 2019

China's artificial leather synthetic leather industry status and future development

  In recent years, the international leather-making leather industrial center has gradually moved to China, which has promoted the rapid development of the artificial leather-making leather profession in China. Following the increase in consumer awareness of environmental protection and the increase in consumer demand, the leather-making profession is developing in the direction of eco-friendly and functional diversity. Nowadays, the ecological utility composition has become a trend of career development, and is relying on its own advantages to usher in a period of rapid development.

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First, the development of the artificial leather of China's artificial leather

  Leather is one of the materials preserved by mankind. With the development of human society, the imbalance between the supply of natural leather and the increasing demand of people is becoming more and more outstanding. To solve the growing shortage of natural leather, people are satisfied with various apparel fabrics. Widespread use, in the 20th century, people began to use different chemical materials and methods to make natural leather substitutes.

Second, artificial leather composition leather professional shopping mall has broad prospects

  The use of artificial leather is related to all aspects of people's days. There is a wide demand for shopping malls, men's and women's shoes, sports shoes, children's shoes, fashion shoes, clothing, handbags, sofa furniture, balls and sporting goods. , stationery, car interiors, jewelry boxes, handicraft packaging, etc., have been increasingly determined by the mall, its use of planning, the number of large, variety, high grade, is not satisfied with traditional textile materials and natural leather.

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  At present, the main demand for artificial leather in the world is gathered in Asia, China, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and other places; Germany, Belgium, Russia, Spain, Italy, Portugal and other places in Europe; In the Middle East, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iran and other places; Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Guatemala, Colombia, etc. in South America; and North America, the United States, Canada and other places, the global demand for artificial leather is continuing to grow.

Third, the ecological functional leather composition has become a professional development trend

  Natural leather, also known as leather, is made from animal skin. Commonly used are pig leather, cow leather, sheep leather, horse leather and so on. Natural leather is characterized by softness, breathability, wear resistance, high strength, high hygroscopicity and water vapor permeability. However, it has limited resources, high price and heavy pollution during processing. In addition, the shape of the leather is irregular and the thickness is not very high. Evenly, the appearance is prone to disability.

  In recent years, the eco-functional polyurethane artificial leather fabric is gradually gaining its share in the use of artificial leather-made leather shopping malls due to its moderate price, high physical property, multi-functionality and eco-friendly nature. Eco-functional artificial leather is a leather product that is both eco-friendly and has a variety of excellent properties to satisfy the various needs of consumers.

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The ecological and environmental protection indicators of eco-functional artificial leather should reach the technical indicators of China's ecological composition leather marking products, the technical requirements of China's environmental labeling products and the EU environmental protection norms.

  The utility of the product mainly includes physical and mechanical properties, such as peel strength, tensile load, tear strength, folding fastness, burst strength, stitching strength, etc., in addition to flame retardancy, waterproof and breathable, antibacterial and mildew resistance. , oil and dirt resistance, acid and alkali resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high frequency heat resistance and so on. Different fields of use have different requirements for the utility of artificial leather.

Fourth, China's artificial leather fabric leather career development trend analysis

  In the past few years, the artificial leather of China has achieved rapid development. However, from the perspective of the whole profession, there are still many problems, such as planning a small production enterprise with poor environmental protection, heavy pollution, low added value of products, and Lack of talent and so on. The eco-functional polyurethane composition leather emphasizes both utility and environmental protection, and represents the future direction of the composition of the career. In the future development, enterprises should pay attention to the progress of all strengths, pay attention to product quality and technological innovation, and increase investment in research and development to improve the existing product technology level and professional environment, and provide more and better ecological functions for shopping malls. The artificial leather is composed of leather, which makes the artificial leather of our country continue to develop healthily.