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Suede Microfiber Leather

  • Microfiber Synthetic Suede Leather Material

    Microfiber Synthetic Suede Leather Material

    Microfiber Synthetic Suede Leather Material supplier in China! WINIW microfiber synthetic suede leather material is made of nylon (polyamide) and PU (polyurethane), looks and feels the same as real cow/goat suede leather, excellent physical and chemical performance, superior...Read More
  • Suede Fabric For Upholstery

    Suede Fabric For Upholstery

    WINIW ultra suede leather upholstery fabric material is ultra suede like microfiber suede leather, made of nylon/polyamide and PU (polyurethane), looks and feels the same as real cow/goat suede leather, very good physical and chemical performance, superior durability, is the...Read More
  • ultrasuede upholstery fabric

    ultrasuede upholstery fabric

    Features of ultrasuede upholstery fabric:
    1, Super mild suede fabric, super luxury enjoyable.
    2, Strong water-sorption ability. Hesitate what ? come on ! buy!
    3, Environmental friendly, makes your life happy.
    4, If time can stop, I want embrace you...
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  • Suede Polyester Fabric

    Suede Polyester Fabric

    Features of Suede Polyester Fabric:
    1, High-grade quality with its interior and outside suface.
    2, Fascinating touch feelings charms you a lot.
    3, Thulal--cafhhalffweu.
    4, Exquisite life wonderful interpretation. --- microfiber
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  • Suede Upholstery

    Suede Upholstery

    Features of Suede Upholstery:
    1, Water-based suede, brings different enjoyment.
    2, Perfect light fastness, lets you not put it down.
    3, Environmentally friendly, protect you and your lovely car.
    4, I do not need to choose from the dynamic and...
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  • Soft Suede Fabric

    Soft Suede Fabric

    Featuers of Soft Suede Fabric:
    1, Limp enough suede fabric, like real leather touch feeling.
    2, Anti-rubbing property help you reduce choice confuse.
    3, Environment-protected.
    4, The driver of the car fast and happy. --- microfiber
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  • Soft Suede Leather

    Soft Suede Leather

    Features of Soft Suede Leather:
    1, Especially soft,compare real leather.
    2, High-tech support, complex technology produce.
    3, Pro-environment.
    4, Charm of science and technology accompany with us. --- microfiber
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  • Microfiber Suede Upholstery Fabric

    Microfiber Suede Upholstery Fabric

    The same hand feeling as real suede leather. The same looks as real suede leather.Read More
  • WB-Synthetic Suede Fabric

    WB-Synthetic Suede Fabric

    Abounding in colors,very high color fastness,almost neary like real suede leather.Totally the same hand feeling as real suede leather.Read More
  • Imitation Suede

    Imitation Suede

    Features of Imitation Suede:
    1, Luxury looks, various colors and textures to meet your unique customs design.
    2, High tear strength, tensile strength, and seam strength.
    3, Environmentally friendly.
    4, Fashion should be a relief, not a bondage. ---...
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  • Imitation Suede Fabric

    Imitation Suede Fabric

    Features of Imitation Suede Fabric:
    1, Calm and competent, simple, brief, that is my always pursue.
    2, Tensible and resilient, restore rate very fast.
    3, Environment-protected.
    4, Remember yourself, everyone is unparalleled, you are your own...
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  • synthetic suede fabric

    synthetic suede fabric

    Features of synthetic suede fabric:
    1, You will stay with me for a long time, as I am stable and durable.
    2, Noble element always here.
    3, Environmental protection.
    4, I do not sell microsuede fabric ,I sell a dream. --- suede
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WINIW is your most reliable source for the suede microfiber leather made in China. We are one of the largest suede microfiber leather manufacturers and suppliers in China. All of our leather products in our factory meet the highest quality standard. Please rest assured to buy.