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Microfiber Leather

Microfiber Leather Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Micro Suede For Shoe Uppers

    Micro Suede For Shoe Uppers

    WINIW Microfiber Suede Leather, also called Suede Microfiber Leather, Suede Microfiber Synthetic Leather, Microfiber Synthetic Suede Leather, made of Polyamide (Nylon) and PU (Polyurethane), is 100% synthetic material, free of animal substances, eco-friendly, is the best...Read More
  • Microfibre Flame Retardant Base

    Microfibre Flame Retardant Base

    Microfibre Flame Retardant Base Details
    Composition: 55% Nylon+ 45% PU
    Color: Black, White, Grey, Dark. others customize
    Thickness: 0.6~1.8mm. others customize
    Width: 1.42m
    MOQ: 5000m
    Read More
  • Snakeskin Fabric Leather

    Snakeskin Fabric Leather

    Features of WINIW Snakeskin Fabric Leather: 1. Performance is better than the genuine leather and the surface effect can be achieved in line with the genuine leather; 2. Tear resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile strength and so on are all beyond real leather, and...Read More
  • Leather Material For Upholstery

    Leather Material For Upholstery

    Leather Material For Upholstery has almost the same looks and same hand feel as genuine leather real leather, and very good mechanical physical & chemical properties, superior durability, has been the optimal substitute of real leather, vegan leather and leather alternatives.Read More
  • Leather Upholstery Material

    Leather Upholstery Material

    Features of WINIW Leather Upholstery Material: 1. Looks and feels the same as natural leather. 2. High mechanical properties, high resistance to folding, abrasion, high tear & tensile strength, superior durability, premium quality. 3. Light weight, around 30% lighter than...Read More
  • Upholstery Fabric Leather

    Upholstery Fabric Leather

    Applications of Upholstery Fabric Leather: 1. High quality bags & handbags leather. 2. Car & auto seat leather. 3. Furniture sofa upholstery leather. 4. Shoe Leather. 5. Clothing leather.Read More
  • Faux Alligator Leather Fabric

    Faux Alligator Leather Fabric

    Features of Faux Alligator Leather Fabric: 1. Very good hand feel, luxurious feeling, comfortable touch, same as genuine leather. 2. Lighter weight than genuine leather. 3. Textures & color can be customized. 4. Very durable, tensile strength, break strength, tear...Read More
  • Black Patent Leather High Gloss

    Black Patent Leather High Gloss

    Application of Winiw Black Patent Leather High Gloss: Men's Shoes ,Women's Heels ,Boots ,Sandals ,Ladies Fashion Shoes,Formal Shoes ,Kid's Shoes,Hand bags ,and so on.Read More
  • Nylon Microfiber Fabric

    Nylon Microfiber Fabric

    Our specification: 1. Material: polyamide (65%nylon, PA) and PU (35%polyurethane). 2. Thickness: 0.6mm - 2.0mm. 3. Width: 137cm. 4. Color: white, black, blue, grey, red, customized available. 5. Packing: roll packing, 30/50 meters per roll. 6. MOQ: 500 meters.Read More
  • Synthetic PU Leather

    Synthetic PU Leather

    WINIW Synthetic PU Leather, or WINIW PU Microfiber Leather, is the highest grade synthetic leather, best quality PU Leather and faux leather, made of nylon (polyamide) and PU (polyurethane) through high-tech technology, has similar structure and characters as genuine leather,...Read More
  • Premium Synthetic Leather

    Premium Synthetic Leather

    Winiw only supply Premium Synthetic Leather for wordwide customers! Winiw is one of the largest suppliers and exporters of Premium Synthetic Leather. We can supply series of leather, such as microfiber leather, footwear leather,car leather, furniture leather, bags...Read More
  • High Quality Synthetic Leather

    High Quality Synthetic Leather

    Our high quality synthetic leather has same looks as natural leather, comfortable touch feeling, very good physical and chemical properties, excellent durable, can replace leather perfectly, is the best leather alternatives materials!Read More
WINIW is your most reliable source for the microfiber leather made in China. We are one of the largest microfiber leather manufacturers and suppliers in China. All of our leather products in our factory meet the highest quality standard. Please rest assured to buy.