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Faux Suede Fabric

  • Red Suede Material

    Red Suede Material

    Our Advantages of Red Suede Material:
    1 we are specialized in high-end microfiber leather production manufacture.
    2 We have experience of manufacturing leathers more than 10 years.
    3 We can ensure the products meet the quality and ...
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  • Suede Materials

    Suede Materials

    Applications of WINIW Suede Materials:  
    1. Furniture upholstery and sofa Leather.
    2. Automotive leather.
    3. Luggage and bags leather.
    4. Shoe leather.
    5. Clothing leather.
    6. Glove microfiber leather.
    7. Fine inner packing microfiber...
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  • Waterproof Suede Fabric

    Waterproof Suede Fabric

    WINIW supply high quality imitation suede leather and imitation suede fabric material, faux suede upholstery fabric, ultrasuede, ultrasuede upholstery fabric, and other faux suede, synthetic suede, microfiber suede leather, PU suede leather, microsuede fabric for footwear,...Read More
  • Black Suede Material

    Black Suede Material

    Winiw is one of the most professional supplier and exporters of Suede Leather in China. We can supply series of microfiber suede leather,which is widespread used in shoes making,furniture manufacturing,decoration industry ,auto upholstery ,garments ,etc.Read More
  • Red Faux Suede Fabric

    Red Faux Suede Fabric

    Thickness uniformity neat. Higher use ratio than genuine leather. Very high color fastness. Welcome to contact us for some more details !Read More
  • Artificial Suede Leather

    Artificial Suede Leather

    Features of Artificial Suede Leather:
    1, Rubbery, supple, vigorous. all is good.
    2, Assortment, you will find one you like.
    3, thulal--cafhhalffweu.
    4, Interpreting beauty, decorating mood. A wonderful day starts here. ---suede
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  • Fake Suede Fabric

    Fake Suede Fabric

    Features of Fake Suede Fabric:
    1, Color fastness stable, don't worry about discoloration.
    2, New fabrics, fashionable style.
    3, thulal--cafhhalffweu.
    4, My beauty is only for you, who understand me. --- suede
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  • Fake Suede Material

    Fake Suede Material

    Features of Fake Suede Material:
    1, Good property , for example: anti-mildew, odourless, flame-retardant.
    2, Wicking efficient is perfect.
    3, Environmentally friendly.
    4, Do not endeavor to pursue, you will eventually meet your own style. --- Keith...
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  • Faux Suede Material

    Faux Suede Material

    Features of Faux Suede Material:
    1, Touch feeling mild and gentle, comfortable to put on.
    2, Absorbent efficient ? high!
    3, Environment-protected.
    4, Clothing only makes sense if it is worn on the body. --- Mark Jacobs
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  • Faux Suede Upholstery Fabric

    Faux Suede Upholstery Fabric

    Features of Faux Suede Upholstery Fabric:
    1, Having supreme elegance, that is my property.
    2, Pliable, anti-abrasion, anti-acid, and so on.
    3, Pro-environment.
    4, If you can't do better than your opponent, wear it better than he does! --- Anna...
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  • Faux Suede Fabric Upholstery

    Faux Suede Fabric Upholstery

    Features of Faux Suede Fabric Upholstery:
    1, Sturdy and flexible are twins.
    2, Elegant and handsome breath you will feel directly.
    3, Eco-friendly.
    4, For us, fashion is the antidote to reality. --- Vigorov
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  • Buffer Pads Materials

    Buffer Pads Materials

    WINIW Suede Microfiber Leather is the best material for pad covering,it looks and feels same as genuine suede leather,high mechanical strength,superior durability,premium quality faux suede material.Read More
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WINIW is your most reliable source for the faux suede fabric made in China. We are one of the largest faux suede fabric manufacturers and suppliers in China. All of our leather products in our factory meet the highest quality standard. Please rest assured to buy.