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  • Best Quality Faux Nappa Leather For Auto Upholstery

    Best Quality Faux Nappa Leather For Auto Upholstery

    WINIW Microfiber Nappa Leather is the best quality faux nappa leather, looks and feels the same as natural leather, but even beeter physical and chemical performance, superior durable, luxurious looks and feeling, is the best leather substitute material, can replace natural...Read More
  • High Quality Faux Leather For Automotive

    High Quality Faux Leather For Automotive

    High Quality Faux Leather for Automotive WINIW specialized in supplying high quality faux leather and PU synthetic leather for automotive, car upholstery, car interior, auto upholstery, seat cover, steer wheeling cover, dashboard cover, door panel, armrest cover, etc. WINIW...Read More
  • Alcantara Steering Wheel

    Alcantara Steering Wheel

    Our Speicification: 1. Material: polyamide (nylon, PA) and PU (polyurethane), is 100% synthetic material. 2. Thickness: 0.6mm (for Vehicle doors & penal ;Car roof ; Armrest ) 1.2mm ;1.4mm(for Seat covers, Steering wheel covers) ...Read More
  • Suede Steering Wheel

    Suede Steering Wheel

    WINIW Suede Steering Wheel, also called as Alcantara Steering Wheel,is the highest quality grade synthetic suede leather, best quality faux suede leather material, high tear strength and tensile strength, superior durable, very good breathability, is the best leather...Read More
  • Automotive Leather Manufacturers

    Automotive Leather Manufacturers

    Compare with Genuine Leather ,WINIW Automotive Leather is the best quality microfiber leather material for car upholstery and automobile interior, luxurious looks & feel, very good tensile strength and tear strength, excellent durability, is the best leather substitute for...Read More
  • OEM Replacement Leather Seat Covers

    OEM Replacement Leather Seat Covers

    We only supply high quality OEM Replacement Leather Seat Covers, any color ,any thickness is acceptable .We have very mature market in Europe & Asia.Customize, Professional and Low MOQ (500 Metres )make our business easier . Winiw will be your best choice !Read More
  • Unfigured Wiping Cloth

    Unfigured Wiping Cloth

    This car cleaning cloths is proficient of cleaning any item as smoothly as possible, which is perfect for removing grime and dirt quickly. It is quite absorbent, as it can hold a maximum of 6 times its weight based on tests. You can clean this towel after use without...Read More
  • Black Alcantara Headliner

    Black Alcantara Headliner

    WINIW Black Alcantara Headliner, also called Microfiber Synthetic Suede Leather looks like Alcantara Leather, very luxury and fine suede effect, very comfortable softness and touch feeling, very good physical performance, excellent durability, is the best quality synthetic...Read More
  • Automobile Leather Upholstery

    Automobile Leather Upholstery

    Our advantages about Automobile Leather Upholstery :
    A: Abundant color range to meet customs unique design.
    B: Various textures from the most common to the luxuries, for all the different car models.
    C: Immediate delivery, more than 50 specification...
    Read More
  • Leather Upholstery Fabric For Cars

    Leather Upholstery Fabric For Cars

    Why Us · Microfiber leather manufacturer · A wide range of synthetic leather products available · Low price and low MOQ(Min. Order Quantity)  · Short delivery time, up to 15 days(On time delivery) · Long standing reputation with excellent serviceRead More
  • Car Interior Leather

    Car Interior Leather

    WINIW specialized in supplying high quality microfiber leather, PU synthetic leather and faux leather fabric material for car upholstery, car interiors, luxurious looks and feel, premium quality, superior durability.Read More
  • Automotive Suede

    Automotive Suede

    Features of WINIW Automotive Suede: 1. Same as the Natural leather of the surface. 2. No smell and volatilization,stable colour,abrasion resistance,easy to clean and good light fastness. 3.Soft and comfortable on hand feeling. 4. Anti-scraping, wrinkles-resistant.Read More
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WINIW is your most reliable source for the automobile made in China. We are one of the largest automobile manufacturers and suppliers in China. All of our leather products in our factory meet the highest quality standard. Please rest assured to buy.